Unique Services

Complimentary Property Doctor Service

This is a free service which our clients absolutely love and where we provide exceptional value for money effectively making us cost neutral from day one.

As a client you will receive complimentary styling and refurbishment advice, which has led to us successfully adding hundreds of thousands of pounds to the value of our clients’ homes over the past decade.

As successful and experienced property investors and developers, we understand how to add value to properties and happily pass on this knowledge.

This is a hands-free service whereby we will assess what small works can be carried out to significantly increase the intrinsic value of your home, prior to arranging reliable and fairly priced contractors and project manage the entire process.

A hassle-free route to a significantly higher sale price

Property Price Guarantee

The price we value your home at is the price you will receive.

If for any reason this valuation figure is not realised, we will discount our fee accordingly ensuring that our clients enjoy a truly win/win relationship that is built upon trust and mutual respect.

Consistent High Levels of Service – High Staff/Stock Ratio

We intentionally limit our property stock level per team member to guarantee consistently high levels of service and ultimately value for money.

Each member of our experienced team nurtures a close working relationship with every one of our clients, whose homes we love and are subsequently excited and passionate about selling for the highest possible price. This results in a personal service that delights clients, guaranteeing them exceptional value for money, peace of mind and optimum levels of satisfaction, a service we are genuinely truly proud of.

Industry Experts – Premium & Unique Homes

We are specialists in one field, large and unique homes, with a dedicated experienced team working across marketing and sales, as opposed to being all things to all people.

Through developing and innovating successful strategies within the premium homes market you can be confident that your interests and finances are fully protected and maximised.

With our only focus and attention being on property sales it means we, unlike many agents, aren’t distracted by managing a lettings portfolio which can significantly dilute an agents property sales service levels.

24/7 Customer Service

Buyers want to be able to speak to someone as soon as their interest has been peaked in relation to your property, therefore it’s vital that when an enquiry comes in, whatever the time, day or night, that the enquiry is handled professionally and promptly. Our out of hours team are fully trained, UK based and can book viewings, handle enquiries etc guaranteeing that no opportunity to sell your home is missed.

Why 24/7?

  • 80% of callers will not call back if their call is unanswered
  • Close to 75% of callers hang up before six rings

Shrigley Rose Buyer Service - No Purchase-No Fee

When purchasing your new home, you are unfortunately at a distinct disadvantage as the agent you are dealing with may be acting like your best friend but is, ultimately, 100% focussed upon helping their seller client (where their commission is paid) get as much money from you as humanly possible.

This is where our service comes into its own, we act on your behalf as your trusted advisor and experienced trained property negotiator to place you firmly back in the driver’s seat, protecting your interests helping you secure your new home upon the best possible terms.

We work hard to negotiate a significant discount off the list price of your next home purchase… If we are not able to save you money on the listed price, then we’ll work for free!

Plus – we work upon a no purchase no fee basis which means you’ll only pay us a percentage of the money we save you, so you’ll never lose out.

Important notice:

The Buyer Service is free of charge for all our home seller clients.

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Unique ‘Part Exchange Facility’

Our unique and fully funded, in-house part exchange facility is a significant benefit for those looking to buy or to sell a property.

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