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Why an Estate Agency?

We had dealt with estate agents for several years as a bulk buyer of properties for investors as well as purchasing for our own property portfolio.

Having a shared background of providing a high level of service we were flabbergasted with the low level of customer service we were provided with by many of the agents we interacted with.

Challenges we faced included:

  • Overvaluing properties to lock their client into a long-term contract.
  • Poor communication
  • Lack of product knowledge i.e. reading off a computer screen regarding the property we were enquiring about.
  • Not answering the phone when we as active buyers were seeking info on specific properties on their books.

The poor level of service we received during our experience with estate agents along with many false promises only cemented our decision, that we can do better, and so, we founded One Stop Property Solutions to change things for the better.  With One Stop Property Solutions we brought our personal values of honesty and integrity into the business on a daily basis where we strongly believe that if you do the right thing, the money will follow.

Our years of experience working as a husband-and-wife team combined with our caring and intelligent staff meant we were able to grow into who we are today, Shrigley Rose & Co.

Shrigley Rose & Co is the best of us. And is the culmination of over a decade of successful experiences for our home sellers and buyers. Our new look is now synonymous with our tireless work ‘behind the scenes’ where for over 10 years our dedicated and friendly team have consistently delivered exceptional customer service and marketing of the homes we work with; securing the sale of many magnificent homes for the highest possible price.

We thoroughly enjoy helping our clients move on to the next chapter of their lives by adding value and providing a hassle-free service whilst providing exceptional value for money.


Central to our beliefs, we have consistently provided funds and time to just causes.

We believe passionately in giving back to those in need, whatever form that takes, this will be an ever-growing central part of our business plans and philosophy as we continue to grow.

Please be assured that by engaging our services you are also making a real difference to those in need, so thank you, from all of us and all those whose lives you have helped to transform.

Charities we currently proudly support:

  • World Vision
  • CAP
  • Cancer Research
  • Breast Cancer Now
  • Stroke Association