Shrigley Rose Buyer Service

No Purchase-No Fee

We will negotiate a discount off the list price of your next home purchase, and if we don’t save you money on the listed prices, we will work for free!

PLUS... We work upon a ‘No Purchase, No Fee’ basis AND you only pay us a percentage of the money we save you, so you never lose out!

(Important Notice – Negotiation service free of charge for our seller clients)

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Why do people pay thousands more than they need to for their new home?

If there is one thing that prevents buyers from getting the best price on their dream home, it's this... without the industry ‘know how’, it is difficult to understand the way the game is played. Especially as a buyer, by default you are in a much weaker position during the house selling and buyer process, as an emotional connection has been formed to your new home often justified by logic, and this is why you are placed at a distinct disadvantage.

This is where an experienced and proactive estate agent (like ourselves) excels. To help protect our homeowners, they sell their homes for the highest possible price.

This means as a buyer when you are talking to an estate agent, the agent has heard it all before and they are trained specifically to ensure they get the best price out of you… it is what they do day in day out!

Without having an expert negotiator at your side protecting your position (& your money) at every step, someone who also intimately knows all the tricks of the trade, it is likely you are going to unknowingly overpay.

There’s no need to pay more than you should for your next home.

Okay, so what is the solution?

The Shrigley Rose & Co buyer service!

This service acts in your best interest by turning the tables on the selling agent. By placing an expert professional, time-served, negotiator in your corner you can protect your money. With this service the negotiator will handle this for you step by step, helping you navigate the process stress & hassle-free.

From our vast experience offers sometimes seem to be a complete guess. Is the offer too low? not wanting to offend the owner. On the flip side, Is the offer too high? not wanting to overpay and waste your hard-earned savings.

Another aspect in unfamiliar territory is knowing “When should I put another offer in?”, “How long should I wait?” or “What if I miss my dream home?”. It can be a very stressful time.

Since 2007 we have successfully negotiated substantial discounts off the list price of hundreds of properties. We know the exact formula to follow which guarantees you save thousands of pounds. Also, as importantly or even more so, we help you secure your dream home at a fair price on your terms. This is what having a professional property negotiator in your corner can do for you.

How would it feel to have an extra £20,000, or even £30,000, to put towards a much-wanted new kitchen or a handy loft conversion from the money you have saved on the asking price of your new home?

A stress-free purchase is exactly what our happy home buyers have benefited from… and we can do the exact same thing for you.


  1. Negotiation service (no purchase no fee)

    (Important notice - Free of charge for our seller clients)

  2. Search and Secure Service – A unique service which includes, finding your new home, including searching for “on & off market homes” which enables you to find your dream home with virtually little or no competition, prior to us negotiating & securing your new home all the way through to legal completion.


Keeping things simple: If we don't save you money on your next purchase, you don't pay us. There are no hidden fees.

As your professionally qualified negotiator, we are motivated to get you the best price possible, as we only charge you a percentage of the list price saving we negotiate.

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