Unique ‘Part Exchange Facility’

Our unique and fully funded, in-house part exchange facility is a significant benefit for those looking to buy or to sell a property.

A buyer’s perspective

Have you found your dream home and are worrying someone else might buy it?

With our part exchange service, we can reduce the risk of another buyer coming along by offering to purchase your home from you in order for you to proceed with your next purchase of any property on the open market.

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A seller’s perspective

We can purchase your buyer’s home allowing them to move forward and purchase your home at its full market value removing the stress and complications of a large chain.

The Part Exchange facility turbo-charges your home's marketing. Acting as a magnet to attract significantly higher numbers of buyers to enquire about your home which leads to a hassle-free sale at a higher price.

Large and unique homes tend to attract families desperately seeking more space to accommodate their growing family, tending to lead very busy lives, cash rich but time poor. The part exchange is seen by buyers as a perfect hassle-free solution to acquiring their new home.

Our clients benefit by experiencing a significant increase in the number of buyer enquiries, when compared to estate agents not offering a PX service for their buyers.

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Disclaimer: The Part Exchange Service is provided by a third party company. The Part Exchange offer will be below the open market value and you are under no obligation whatsoever to accept any offer made. Free valuations will be made subject to availability, terms & conditions. Subject to survey and purchasing criteria. Not in conjunction with any other offer. We reserve the right to refuse Part Exchange. Details correct at time of distribution - 2022.