Downsizing is a journey…

Transforming the process of downsizing into an enjoyable once in a lifetime experience.

If you’re reading this and contemplating moving on from your long standing family home, please be reassured, you are not alone.

The way you may be feeling right now is perfectly natural.

Our downsizing service was formed from demand to help people just like you and to the fact that, historically, estate agents simply haven’t incorporated this type of help, time and support which is so needed when making this life changing move.

With our caring downsizing service we have been able to help numerous people who have found themselves at a crossroads in life, feeling exactly the way you may be feeling right now… confused and anxious about what to do for the best. In tandem with you, we develop a clear plan which dovetails seamlessly with your wants and needs working to a timescale you are comfortable with.

Below is some thoughts and feelings shared by one of our lovely clients:

“The memories… how long and hard we have worked to be able to live in a home like this, the sacrifices we both made. Now, we’re faced with the reality of having to leave those memories behind. Knowing we’ll be leaving our gorgeous garden and the roses which were planted when our children were only little, the trees that were once tiny, now tower above the roof of our home. All the memories, all the years of possessions, the packed-out loft! And of course, our children who are now adults really don’t want us to leave “their family home”.

However, we’ve admitted that tending to the large garden is now a worry along with maintaining the house. In all honesty we are no longer able to tackle the jobs we previously could. Watching our wonderful home begin to deteriorate before our very eyes is heartbreaking. We know, hand on heart, this amazing home should have children running around, filling it with noise and laughter rather than us only occupying a tiny part of it. We know it’s time to move on”.

When a home holds decades of memories, invaluable belongings, and treasured trinkets the mere thought of beginning to organise items ready for downsizing is often enough to deter people from starting the process of moving home and onto the next chapter of their lives.

In this time, properties can and often do fall into a state of disrepair only adding to the homeowner’s continued stress levels.

As the property’s maintenance declines, so does the overall value of the home.

It’s something we see time and time again, wanting to downsize but paralysed by what feels like a gigantic undertaking.

It’s natural to be overwhelmed by thoughts of not knowing where to start… this is where we can help.

We offer a comprehensive downsizing service by working closely with you to organise any, or even every, room in your home.

Please allow us the distinct privilege of holding your hand whilst you turn over a new page into an exciting new chapter of your life.

The first step is to help you deal with the emotional side of moving on from the home that you have put all your time and energy into.

The downsizing journey begins with an ongoing battle between emotion and logic. Deep down you know there are numerous benefits to moving, however, your heart wants to stay… you may find yourself justifying only using 4 out of the 12 rooms in your home.

Because of this, downsizing should not be rushed. We work with you as one team at a comfortable pace to suit you and your needs. Taking it step-by-step to respect the emotional journey you are on the verge of.

As highlighted above, the first step is not only the biggest step but an emotional one. Therefore, in making the decision you’d like to find a home more suitable to your future needs we are able to explore the options with you.

From an initial plan to being present in your new home, our experienced and caring team are always on hand to help you show your home at its best and in turn, maximise the value of your home whilst removing the associated stress.

We do this by walking you gently through the following steps:

Initial telephone consultation

The first small step is for us to enjoy a brief chat over the phone so we can get to know you and obtain an initial understanding of what you’re trying to achieve. It is very important to us that you are 100% comfortable with the process of downsizing. We’ll share how our service can help you secure an ideal solution.

Home visit (fact-find)

An initial ‘fact finding’ session is where we’ll listen intently, addressing any worries you may have related to moving. We always recommend and extend our invitation to include family members into the meeting with us so that everyone has a voice and feels included.

Tailored action plan

From here we will create a tailored plan to outline activities to be undertaken to increase the overall saleability and value of your home; this often and can include minor refurbishments or decorating such as new flooring which we can arrange for you in addition to us coming out to help you declutter, pack up and arrange your belongings.

Helping you find and secure your new home

We understand you may be worried about finding a home that will suit you for years to come. This is where our service comes into its own by helping you find your next home. We start by understanding your new requirements taking advantage of our ever-increasing access to off-market homes as well as acting as your trusted point of contact for any homes that you have seen that are currently on the market. This includes viewing them on your behalf and negotiating the best possible price prior to project managing the entire process of buying and selling.

Helping you prepare your home for sale

Our dedicated team will progress your home behind the scenes to get your home ‘market ready’ so when you have found your next home, we can immediately push your property on the live market, saving you time and stress

Stress free decluttering: what’s involved?

It’s important to know that decluttering does not mean disposing of all your belongings.

Our experienced team works at your pace, letting you lead through the whole process holding your privacy and empowering you to make the decisions.

We are here to ease the stress of clearing your home, often acting as a sounding board whilst offering practical hands-on help.

This service is strictly confidential where we can offer non branded vans to assist you with clearing your home.

Each home and client is different and our agreed action plans will reflect this. Some people may need more help than others and we are trained to identify problematic areas and advise on the small steps to take when getting your belongings ready to downsize.

Book an initial telephone consultation