What actually happens at an advice meeting? Is it not simply a valuation?

A valuation is a quick 20 mins meeting to establish the current value of your home, often rushed by agents who are thinking about their next meeting in their diary. Our clients thoroughly enjoy our advice meetings as it involves obtaining a deep understanding not only of what your current home is worth but also how we as a team can help you increase the intrinsic value of your home. Also of prime importance to you is your new home, therefore we obtain an understanding of your exact criteria in terms of your ideal new home. It is a holistic approach all about you and how we can effectively provide you with a comprehensive all-encompassing solution based wholly upon your individual wants and needs. Ultimately, it’s about doing the right thing, making sure we understand where you want to get to

I’m worried that I won’t be able to find my next home and be left homeless!

Please don’t worry, the vast majority of our clients were in exactly the same position, it’s akin to the chicken and egg dilemma, what do you do first……find your new home or put yours on the market and risk not finding your ideal new home. The solution is simple, if you need to sell to buy your new home then prospective purchasers are informed up-front that you still need to find your new home, this is normal practice, and the buyer is updated upon a regular basis as we help you source and secure your new home as part of our signature service.

What types of houses do you sell?

Large and unique homes are our passion and specific area of specialist expertise within the world of property, it is a field within which we excel and we feel that we are able to best serve our clients far more effectively by being experts in a niche as opposed to providing a one size fits all service trying desperately to be all things to all people without ever becoming an expert in a specific field, this is where from experience we’ve found that the vast majority of estate agents fall down as they scramble to sign up any client with any type of property. This unfortunately results in too many clients receiving a one size fits all service as opposed to a bespoke personal service via a team that intimately understands you and your home to fulfil the promises made as well as being able to commit and spend the amount of time required to secure you with the best possible level of service.

How do you value our home?

We spend a significant amount of time researching property values within a close proximity to your home, to understand in depth what the value per sq ft is, prior to backing this up with further research in terms of the price of properties that have recently sold as well as properties which have recently completed. It is very important to us that we get this aspect correct as ultimately it is your hard earned tax-free money at stake.

How much do you charge?

Uniquely, for the vast-majority of our clients the service is effectively cost-neutral, due to the fact that we successfully negotiate a monetary figure off the list price of your next home which is normally over and above the fee that we are charging to sell your home.

We also provide our clients with a price guarantee whereby if we don’t achieve our valuation then our fee is reduced by a corresponding percentage. Even if you aren’t buying another home our fees are very competitive, and again backed up by our unique price guarantee.

How much do you charge up front?

Nothing, we cover all marketing costs up-front, and will spend whatever it takes to help secure you the best possible outcome.

Do you provide a no sale no fee service?

Yes, our success fee is only payable upon the successful legal completion of your sale.

What areas do you cover?

We are very happy to provide a bespoke and comprehensive service for clients with large and unique homes within 1 hours drive of Stockport.

How can we trust you to help us achieve the best price?

We provide you with a price guarantee so that you are reassured up front that the valuation we place on your home is the price that we will achieve.

Are we tied into a long-term contract?

No, we don’t agree with the widespread practice of tying clients into long term contracts, our approach is to simply nurture a relationship based upon trust and an ongoing commitment to do the right thing whilst working together to help you secure the best possible price for your current home. All we ask at inception is that you provide us with a period of time that we both feel is fair.

What exactly is your price guarantee?

We guarantee to sell your home at the price we value it at, and if for any reason we don’t then our fee will be reduced by a corresponding percentage, don’t you wish all agents stood by their valuation…

Do you do the viewings?

Yes absolutely, we can if you prefer not to show prospective buyers around your home.

What exactly is your part exchange facility?

In a nutshell we have a long-standing in-house facility, whereby we purchase your buyers property from them (think of it in a similar way to how you part exchange your car), which means your ideal buyer is now chain-free, in a position to offer you the best possible price chain-free. We’ve found historically that our marketing is significantly boosted due to the part exchange offering, attracting on average well over double the number of prospective buyers compared to a standard agent.

What do you mean by a buyer service?

Please click here to be taken directly to our buyer service information.

I saw on your website that you handle the negotiations on my next house. I've never heard of this before. What is it?

As a client we negotiate directly with the agent handling the sale of the home you wish to purchase, we’ve been highly successful in securing clients new homes at an agreed price substantially below the marketing price, exceeding our clients expectations whilst saving them time and money.

How do you negotiate the best price for our home?

Our team is highly trained having been taught the intimate psychology of buying, specifically how buyers make their decisions and how to harness that specific knowledge to help our clients achieve life changing sums of money for their homes.

Where do you market my home?

We start with the end in mind, by identifying who the ideal buyer of your home is and then reverse engineering the marketing to attract that ideal buyer to view your home. Our multi-channel on/off-line marketing campaigns include utilising Rightmove, Zoopla, Boomin, Direct Mail campaigns, Paid social media campaigns, essentially we spend significant sums in order to help us both achieve the result we both aspire to.

What is your property doctor service?

As successful property developers and investors having added value to hundreds of homes since 2007, it makes sense for us to pass on our knowledge to assist our clients in maximising the value of their homes with very little time or expense. We have literally added thousands of pounds of value to client’s homes leading to frequently life changing unexpected additional sums of money. We will handle everything from our in-house interior designer initial visits through to sourcing and managing contractors making the process stress and hassle-free.

Do I have to have a for sale board?

No, and we respect that some clients prefer to market without their neighbours knowing and we will always respect that decision, however our boards are significantly different to standard estate agents as they are bespoke to your home making it as individual and special as you and your home are.

Can you help us make our home more saleable?

Yes absolutely, it is an integral part of our service and is provided free of charge to all our clients, it is a part of the service that as a team we absolutely love doing. Please refer to our property doctor service details.

What do you mean by bespoke marketing?

Bespoke marketing is creating a marketing plan 100% personal to your home, including a specific plan of how we will attract your ideal buyer, creating a personalised online advert, a beautiful bespoke magazine style brochure incorporating a personal brand for your home, as well as a eye catching bespoke for sale board. Find out more about our bespoke marketing.

We are downsizing and feel daunted about the process of moving!

You are not alone, we do in fact offer a specific downsizing service which is extremely popular with new and existing clients. We have vast experience of this having helped a large number of clients who have lived in their homes for a very long time, in some instances having only ever lived in one property for pretty much all their adult life, which has resulted in several cases an extreme amount of “stuff”.

Don’t worry, we are well versed in helping you, from helpful advice relating to decluttering all the way through to helping to arrange decorators, landscape gardeners etc.

Read our guide to downsizing here

How long will it take to sell my home?

How long is a piece of string… There are several factors, however on average a home marketed correctly at the correct price will sell at its full value within 12 weeks of marketing. In addition there is the sales progression process which starts at the point of receiving a successful offer and finishes at the point of legal completion of your sale, this process can take anywhere between 28 days and six months for very complicated cases involving ambiguous titles etc The average time for the conveyancing process to conclude is 12-16 weeks.

What happens when I accept an offer?

Once you have accepted an offer for the sale of your home, we move onto the sales progression, a process whereby we will assist you in selecting a suitable solicitor, provide help with any survey issues, and ultimately hold your hand throughout the entire process all the way through you receiving the keys to your new home. You will receive a weekly update as we report back with progress on the process, assisting wherever we can along the way.

Estate agents are all the same, aren’t they?

Yes, the vast majority are, a fact for which we are extremely grateful for as it allows us to stand out from the crowd by providing a service that provides you with a bespoke solution based wholly upon your personal needs and wants.

We are very private people. Can you sell our home off-market?

Yes, this is something that clients often ask us to provide, this is a specialist service whereby we access our VIP buyers club which has qualified buyers seeking specific types of properties which has led to many successful off market sales.

What is the VIP Buyers Club?

The VIP Buyer’s Club is a private club which provides buyers with access to off market property based upon their specific criteria. This has proved to be very successful as some of our clients prefer not to broadcast to the world that they are selling, so this is a solution that works for all parties.

What is your Stagnation policy?

This is a very important part of our service, whereby we have specific and proven strategies that consistently reignite the marketing for properties that have grown stale e.g. a sale has fallen through and we need to relaunch and make the marketing appear fresh attracting additional buyers consistently. The vast majority of agents have a singular strategy and that is to repeatedly request that you drop your price, a practice we don’t advocate.

Do I need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

All homes which are sold in England require a valid EPC, if your property does not have an in-date EPC, we can arrange one for you.